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Your Guide to Positive Workplace Activism

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“70% of Millennial employees believe they can make an even greater impact on our world than the leaders who run organisations.”

*Weber Shandwick: Employee Activism in the Age of Purpose

We offer leadership training for changemakers. How do you lead and influence without a budget, mandate or formal team? We train & inspire (young) professionals to use an activist mindset to change their organisations from within. 


Through online courses and offline workshops, we coach and embolden employee-led change. People who follow our training feel more constructive, optimistic and confident to lead and use their place of work as a space for change. 

No more operating undercover. It’s time for out-in-the-open conversations. Sign up for a course in positive workplace activism.

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Alice Walker

What is Workplace Activism?

Young leaders today long to drive real change. You no longer tolerate social inequities and environmental degradation as a result of business-as-usual. In fact, you long to be part of the solution. You are the impact generation. A growing generation sparked by an activist mindset. Organizing is happening in private, in schools and on the streets. Your workplace is only the next step.

The purpose of workplace activism is to make the workplace a place for positive change. A place that supports actions that are transparent in their aims and serve the agenda of uplifting the collective, reducing inequalities and respecting and regenerating the planet. ​

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From the individual to the collective


CHANGing the business

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we're starting with 10 strategies TO support activist leaders to act with confidence and courage.

Change is an ongoing process, not a quick fix. Our approach looks at three areas of development commonly referred to as leading self, leading others and leading the system. Each strategy for change reflects an area of growth that can help you become more effective. You can start your journey today by looking through the strategies page for insights. Discover the power of listening, engaging others through organising principles and learn about the energy hidden in resistance

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Take time to dive deeper into these strategies and build a peer support group. Sign up for an online course where you can practice tools, hone your skills and make and test your plan for action. You will meet other activist leaders and connect to people who are driving change internationally.

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Online course

positive workplace activism 

Our online course Positive Workplace Activism runs three times a year. January 20th, May 5th and September 29th 2023


Register for a 6-week guided online course and you'll join a cohort of purpose-driven professionals and learn positive activist strategies to change your company from within. 


You'll receive:

- 6 online modules with audio visual materials (approx. 2-4 hours study/week)

- 5 x 90min. interactive group sessions with two trainers (weekly calls from 16:30 - 18:00 CET)

- personal feedback on action plans.


To join our next class: sign up before 5th May 2023

Course fee: 605 (incl. VAT)

MONTHLY MEET UPS FoR Activist Professionals 

On the first Thursday of every month, we get together with professional activists and activist professionals to share stories and strategies that help us disrupt patterns in organisations and move to action.


Register through Eventbrite and stay in the loop for upcoming events.


2nd March How to be an advocate for women's rights in your organisation - with the United Nations Global Compact. Sign up here

6th April How to be an activist consultant and go beyond incremental change.

4th May Your rights and dangers. What you need to know before you challenge power in the workplace.

*Sessions are online from 16:00 - 17:00 CET on first Thursday of every month

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A Handbook for Positive Workplace Activism

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Based on research, workshops and our interviews, we are writing a pragmatic guide to positive workplace activism. A handbook that emboldens more young leaders to make activism an positive and creative force in business. It contains all the tools and activities to help you understand your role within a bigger system. And with it, you can create a plan that moves people to join in collective action.


Expected  2023

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