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We nurture leadership that helps create the conditions for change.


Our approach looks at three areas of leadership that will help you become more effective. Leading self, leading the other and leading the system. Our strategies range from self-reflection that helps you become aware, confident and constructive to how to motivate others and create a safe space for collective action. All within the context of your organisation. By taking a step back, you can bring new perspectives and link strategy to shared vision. 

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10 Strategies For Change

Developments in organisations that organise employee voice.


We can help you:

  • Set up in-company employee resource groups on sustainability. Going from inform to formal groups that are heard by management and included in decision making.

  • Expand the role of Works Councils to include long-term climate goals and raise company ambition to be future-proof. 

  • Support sustainability and impact teams in integrating their work and making every job a climate job through increased visibility, budgets, training and mandate to drive momentum.

  • Facilitate constructive dialogue between senior management and (young) employee advocates and bridge the divide in organisations.

  • Help you join the dots and welcome employee activism as a positive power in future-proofing business. 

Self reflection


Embrace your inner activist and become a changemaker. You come from somewhere and you are going somewhere. Know what drives you and why. See what matters and choose your battles. Read more.


Find the type of involvement that feels right to you. Connect to your purpose and values and work from a place of peace and strength.

Read more.


Become conflict-savvy and recognize resistance. Embrace challenges with humor and creativity and see what treasures lie behind resistance.

Read more.


Develop skills of deep listening. Be able to differentiate between judgment, facts, feelings & needs and tap into the energy of the crowd. Read more.

Collective action


Meet people where they are and open your heart. Use the power of storytelling to connect on values and a shared vision. Read more.


Know who shares your goal. Connect through your passion for the cause. Use your circles of influence and feels stronger through cooperation and connecting the dots.


Inspire from a place of wisdom and facts. Use external authority where it is useful and gain access to relevant social & scientific data.



Design a plan and use the momentum and the structure of the system to propel it forward. Understand the way things are done around you.


Know your business and its place and impact in the value chain. Validate your cause and use the frameworks that exist within the industry.


You're not the first and you won't be the last. Embed and incorporate the change you achieve into the organisation's governance. Strengthening the foundation for the next generation.

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