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Uncover your
Inner activist


Why we exist

We see a world in which business is a catalyst for a just transition. To make this possible, every employee needs to feel that their job is a climate job - a job that can support a just transition. We encourage and equip employees with the leadership skills they need to challenge the status quo, actively influence their organisation and initiate positive action around social and environmental issues. We hold space for organisations who want to learn how to embrace the collective intelligence of their workforce to take action on climate change, inclusion and justice. 

The Undercover Activist is creating a learning hub for employee-led change. To embolden professionals to confidently organise and take positive action around climate change and social justice in their workplaces.


Get involved through online courses, meet-ups, written, audio, visual storytelling, speaking and campaigning, and inspire people to mobilise, organise and drive positive change from within. 

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"they tried to bury us but didnt know we were seeds"

Who we Are

Tessa Wernink

Business Activist. Co-Founder, Facilitator, Speaker and Podcast Host

Tessa has extensive experience in organisational design and business campaigning - with 10+ years experience guiding campaigning enterprises and using business models to shift drive systemic change. She is co-founder of Fairphone and initiator and host of the podcast series What If We Get It Right? The Undercover Activist is a next step making organizations the catalyzers of a just transition - emboldening inside-out, bottom up change. 

Born in Hong Kong, Tessa has worked in the Netherlands, Japan, China, England and Israel. She studied English literature, communications and international development in Amsterdam and has since trained in journalism, deep democracy, non-violent communications, design and systems thinking. She is guest lecturer and is a THNK Creative Leadership alumni. She is mother of three boys.


VÉronique Swinkels

SDG Activist. Co-Founder, Facilitator and Strategic Advisor 

As long-time director of BBK / Powered By Friendship, Véronique pioneered communications for a better world - aiming to get sustainability and the UN goals on to the agenda of business and policy makers. She is a creative facilitator and next-generation coach, waking up the activist in the next generation of leaders in order to change companies and systems faster. She is Founder of Sustainability Dialogue and Global Goals Accelerator. An Earth Charter friend and Board member of the Lab Future Generations.


Véronique studied Communications policy, followed mediation training at the Center for Conflict Management. She is a Deep Democracy coach, Yoga instructor and THNK Creative Leadership and Cambridge Sustainability Management alumni.  She is a mother of four.

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Want to know more about our in-house workshop and consultancy? Need an inspiring speaker, or perhaps you have an idea about what kind of courses we could be offering, then leave your contact details below, and we will get in touch!

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