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Uncover your undercover activist


Our mission 


We see a world in which business mobilises their assets and capital, and embraces the collective intelligence of their workforce to take action on climate change, inclusion and justice. 

This means more successful projects on environmental, social and governance issues within organisations, initiated by young professionals and positive activist mindsets. 

Through workshops, audio and visual storytelling, campaigning materials and a handbook, we aim to coach and embolden a workforce of young leaders who are constructive, optimistic and confident and use their place of work as a space for change. 

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"they tried to bury us but didnt know we were seeds"

Who we are?


Veronique Swinkels

Veronique Swinkels wants to change the world through creativity and activism.

Until recently she was director of BBK / Powered By Friendship, a communications agency for a better world. She currently works as strategic advisor and SDG activist, to get sustainability and the UN goals on to the agenda of business and policy makers. She is a creative facilitator and next-generation coach, waking up the activist in the next generation of leaders in order to change companies and systems faster. She is Founder of Sustainability Dialogue and Global Goals Accelerator. An Earth Charter friend and Board member of Worldconnectors and Lab Future Generations.


Veronique studied Communications policy, followed mediation training at the Center for Conflict Management. She is a Deep Democracy coach and THNK Creative Leadership and Cambridge Sustainability Management alumni. She is a mother of four.

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Tessa Wernink - Co-founder


Tessa Wernink is a Business Activist & coach on a mission to embolden professionals to confidently organise and take action on social and climate issues in the workplace

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Tessa is co-founder of Fairphone, a pioneering enterprise in the social-impact space. Turning a campaign for fairer electronics into an impact-driven business model, has been the inspiration for her work with many social entrepreneurs. In 2019, she created the podcast series What If We Get It Right? featuring mission-driven leaders who are using their business models to drive sustainable change in areas like gender equality, inclusive education, renewable energy and other global goals.


The latest season consolidates the work, research and training done through the Undercover Activist and looks at the role of employee activists as important system changemakers in business.   


Born in Hong Kong, Tessa has lived and worked in Japan, China, England and Israel. She studied English Literature and International Development in Amsterdam and has since trained in journalism, deep democracy, non-violent communications and is a THNK Creative Leadership alumni. She now lives in Amsterdam with her British husband and three sons.



Now that you've found us, let's stick together. If you are interested in learning more or contributing to our project? Please leave your contact details below, and we will get in touch.

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