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Join OUR online course:
Positive Workplace Activism 
For changemaking Professionals

Go from undercover activist to positive activator in just 6 weeks and start changing your company from within. 

Next Course: 1 October  - 8 November 2024

Your learning journey will include: 

  • 6-week guided programme on employee-led change

  • 6 group practice session. (weekly 90 mins online sessions - Wednesdays)

  • 6 online modules and creative learning environment for group collaboration

  • 5 business activist stories, 5 explainer videos and several reflection exercises 

  • Original Action Plan canvas 

  • Closed peer group for coaching and feedback

Course fee:

€847 (incl. VAT) for businesses advocates

€484 (incl VAT) for individual changemakers

Sponsored places available, send us a request.  

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YOU are a dedicated professional. You want to be part of the solution to combat the interrelated challenges of climate change, inequality and social  injustice. The company you work for is not changing fast enough. You might even feel you are becoming part of the problem and are wondering what you can do differently. 

You have a choice. Either you stay and silence your voice. You leave and try working somewhere else. Or, you try changing your company from within. 


We train dedicated professionals to become workplace activists. We see an increasing need for the millennial professional’s voice to be heard and be a stronger force in driving the big transitions needed to build a regenerative economy. 

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If your CHALLENGe is how to DRIVE positive change without burning out, leaving or getting fired, then this course is the right place to start. our aim is to help you change your organisation from within.

During our 6-week course you identify the area of change and we help you take action. We will use the power of storytelling, reflection and practice and build skills that help you take on a meaningful position of influence within your organisation.

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Is this course for you?

I believe my organisation/company could really make an impact, if only wE...


Awareness of self

You will practice self-reflection and connect mind and body to recognise your triggers and resistance and take better care of your energy flow. 

Campaigning and organising mindset

You will co-create a plan for change, experimenting and iterating and moving from words to action with each new insight.

Campaigning and organising mindset

Campaigning and organising mindset

Practicing positivity in life
and at work

Read stories of other activist leaders and recognise you are not alone. With one step toward accepting if not embracing your role in the system you will feel more energy and positivity. 

Intergenerational and systems perspective

You can recognize the role of time for change processes. Know when to be patient and when to take action.

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Our approach means working with the head, heart and hands to create an embodied learning experience. 

You will become more effective, start a peer network and learn ways to take care of yourself. We embrace the urgency of your cause, and add a bit of humour and creativity.

What you will get


Videos + audio fragments

Listen or watch videos in your own time each week. Each module contains visualisations, stories, reflections.


Frameworks and canvasses

You can work together through online co-creation tools on your personal canvas and help others with their plan. Practice your new skills in a safe learning environment


Interactive online meet-ups

Time together for coaching with  Veronique and Tessa and break-out sessions for more in depth learning.

Four - six hours per week on course materials


We work with a class and release new materials each week. The content of each course will be available for three months after the course finishes.

All the topics are connected. To prepare for the week ahead, we will leave you with a question to consider before moving on to the next topic. 

course conten
  • WEEK 1 - Kick-off
    Kick-off with the whole group. We'll get to know each other and go through the on- and offline tools and present the Action Plan Canvas you will be using in the rest of the course. We want to support you to take positive action in your workplace or professional setting and will take this session to identify an area of change.
  • WEEK 1 - Activism in a Business Context
    In the introductory week, we dive into the meaning and different perceptions of activism over the last century. We will discuss how social movements have changed our societies and how they have influenced business over the years. We discuss how businesses are not democracies, why they resist organising bodies and why activism in business requires attention for safety (in numbers), understanding your privilege and knowing your rights.
  • WEEK 2 - Personal Agency
    This week takes you on a journey of discovery. What characteristics help activists? Which ones don’t? The story of change always begins with you. Take a moment to understand what drives you and embrace your inner activist. We take first steps to identify recurring patterns in our behaviour and work with what triggers us. How does acknowledging our own resistance help us see it and work with it in others?
  • WEEK 3 - Collective Action
    Standing for a cause is one thing. Getting people to join you is another skill all together. This week, we get to know a variety of organising strategies. How to connect to others and what to think of when gathering momentum for change.
  • WEEK 4  - Systems Interventions
    Change is a process and it can be complex. This week, we take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Who else is part of our ecosystem? We learn how to map these actors and their interests and influence. And we look at existing frameworks for impact that can accelerate your cause.
  • WEEK 6 - Showing up with a Plan
    During the last week of the course it is your turn to collect all your insights and work toward your own plan of action. What are the next steps you want take in order to achieve your goal? What do you still need for this, and how will you get this? You'll get a chance to get feedback from the group before putting it into practice.

Course content


The online course spans six weeks, and each week new visual and audio content and assignments will take you and your cohort on a journey to connect to your cause, organise people around you and influence your business.


Each participant will identify an endeavour or area of change within their organisation. You will immediately practise your new skills, using on- and offline tools like canvasses and creative frameworks, finishing the 6 weeks with a actionable plan. 

The course contains 6 modules, 6 x 90 minute online meetings, Personal Feedback froM your fellow participants and your coach

Expect 4-6 hours of coursework each week.

2024 Class Starts 1ste October and runs till The 8th of November.

Sessions are on Wednesdays from 16:30 - 18:00 CET.
First session: 2nd of October

Last session 6th November.

In the event that you can't make it to a session, they will be recorded and shared with the group. 



Each module will start with a visualisation. A short meditation to connect with the week’s topic.

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Learning Goals

You will receive a syllabus with the course materials, the learning goals and a tool to measure your progress.



Stories are a big part of the way we learn and each week, we will include real stories from activist employees.



Your syllabus will offer reading on each topic as well as suggested links for people who want to go in depth into topics of interest.



We include a short exercise each week in which you can take a little time to reflect on what you have read. To truly make it yours.



Using creative frameworks and canvasses, we co-create with the class and write down new ideas and actionable items you can use immediately to forward your cause.


Course fee (incl. VAT):
business budget: 

personal budget: €484,00 

Next Online Course starts o: 1 October 2024:

*Everyone should be able to get support. So, if you can't afford the fee, please contact us. We'll make sure we can accommodate you. 

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