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Welcome to the Undercover Activist Academy. Check out our offer of on/offline courses and learning journeys. We partner with fellow rebel organisations and make sure changemakers around the world get the leadership skills they need to change their organisations from within. 

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Positive Workplace Activism 
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Join our Signature course: A 6-week online Journey to go From Undercover Activist to Positive Activator And change your company from within.

You are a dedicated professional and want to be part of the solution to combat the interrelated challenges of climate change, inequality and social  injustice. The company you work for is not changing fast enough. You might even feel you are becoming part of the problem and want to act. You have a choice. Either you stay and silence your voice. You leave and try working somewhere else. Or, you try changing your company from within. 


We train dedicated professionals to become positive workplace activists and become a stronger force in driving the big transitions needed to build a regenerative economy. 



  • 6-week guided programme on employee-led change

  • Five group practice session with two trainers. (weekly 90 mins online sessions)

  • 6 online modules and creative learning environment for group collaboration

  • 7 business activist stories, 5 explainer videos and several reflection exercises 

  • 100-page Reader and original Action Plan canvas 

  • Closed peer group for coaching and feedback

Next Course Dates:

next cohort starts on the 29th of Sept and runs to the 8th of Nov. Check. Five online sessions are on Wednesdays from 16:30 - 18:00 CET on the 11th, 18th, 25th of October and 1st and 8th of November

Personal budgets: €484

Business budget: €847

Sponsorship places are available.

Courageous Conversations
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We Facilitate In-Company Dialogue and courageous Conversations. 

You can hire us to facilitate conversations in your organisations around complex issues and topics that matter to your workforce. We believe that part of activism is innervism. And part of being heard is listening. We host interactive sessions with diverse audiences and go from self-reflection to learning and action. You can hire us for: creative and hands-on discussions with different stakeholders, or to host roundtables and workshops with teams and management.


  • Interactive workshops

  • Rountables

  • Event moderator of workshop facilitation

  • Inspirational speeches 

We have worked for/spoken at:
BCorp Summit, UN Global Compact, THNK Creative Leadership, Blue Earth summit, Netherlands Government, Rabobank Net Positive Movement, and many more.  

Disrupt Development & Undercover Activist present Troublemaking Tuesdays

Disrupt Development and the Undercover Activist present a series of masterclasses called POWER THE SHIFT. For professionals in (for and non-profit) organisations who want to explore capabilities needed to face and redefine power. For people who want to stand for what's right and get into necessary trouble.


  • Psychological Safety - a precondition to speak up;

  • Storytelling - how stories and the people that tell them move towards change;

  • Dialogue for change - listening with attention & speaking with intention;

  • Getting comfortable with the discomfort of conflict and facing power;

  • Cultivating change together - from us vs. them to ‘we’.

Next Course Dates:

Each masterclass takes place live on Zoom and lasting two hours, respectively on the following Tuesdays: 17 October, 31 October, 14 November, 28 November, 12 December

The masterclasses are independent from each other, and also build up on each other as a cohesive learning journey. You can choose to sign up for one, more or all of them based on your interest, budget and enthusiasm. In order to be as inclusive as possible, we are offering a discounted option.

In-Company Training

For teams of dedicated young professionals within one company, who seek to drive positive change in sustainability, inclusion and social justice.

For teams of professionals in their early careers who are in a company role of influence on key subjects. We train you in (personal) leadership and help build skills and ability in storytelling, self-reflection, stakeholder mapping and engagement.

Invite us to help you build teams of confident changemakers (from HR to sustainability, operations to sales) who want to connect, experiment and accelarate company projects on environmental, social and governance projects.

We offer leadership coaching, team building and movement making skills. All positive and constr
uctive ways to step up and challenge organisation and go from talk to action.

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