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Welcome to the Academy for Action Training! Here, you'll find on- and offline courses for organisational changemaking.

We partner with fellow rebels and activist organisations and make sure internal changemakers can get the leadership skills they need to change their organisations from within. 

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Community Session (FREE)

6-week course

MAY 2024 (FREE)

An interactive session looking at how Works Councils can be strong allies to channel employee voice for action on environmental issues. For WoCo members who want to think more strategically about their role. And for employees who could use an ally in their employee action. 

What's UP With
Works Councils ?

The Doughnut 
For Employee Activists

June 2024 (FREE)

An interactive session with the Doughtnut Economics Action Lab. The Doughnut envisions an economy that meets the needs of all, within the limits of the living planet. Together we'll explore how the deep design of businesses will need to be transformed to unlock the actions needed from them. And what employees can do to help drive this redesign of businesses. 

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power the shift

In this 5-part Masterclass, we'll explore how to be a troublemaker for good. Learn the skills needed to positively call out broken systems, resist greenwashing and start talking about what matters. Learn how to create psychologically safe spaces and move cultivate change together

September 2024

Positive Workplace
Activism - 6 Weeks

Oct - Nov  2024

A leadership programme for employee-led change. Follow this learning journey and go from undercover activist to positive activator in your workplace. For employees who want to work together to use their influence in business to catalyse a just transition.

A three-part Masterclass on how to make Works Councils proactive drivers for change. Learn how to set proactive priorities, reimagine conflict and dream big when it comes to larger social change within and across organisations. 

Autumn  2024


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