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For Employee Activists Looking for Tools To Redesign Business To work for all

16:00 - 17:30 CEST - ONLINE

 envision an economy that meets the needs of all, within the limits of the living planet

The Doughnut has drawn great interest from change-makers around the world. It helps us envision an economy that meets the needs of all, within the limits of the living planet. But what can employees do to help create a Doughnut economy? In this webinar, we will introduce the concepts of Doughnut Economics, and how the deep design of businesses will need to be transformed to unlock the actions needed from them. And together, we will explore how employees can help drive this redesign of businesses needed to help humanity into the Doughnut. 

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For activist professionals and courageous managers.  


Together with the Doughtnut Economics Action Lab, we will explore how employees can use the change model to take action in their workplaces. We're happy to have Erinch Sahan, Business and Enterprise lead join us. Erinch has spent over 10 years, focussing on the transformation of the business world to make it regenerative and distributive by design – exploring governance and ownership models that embed social and ecological priorities. In the hands of employees, these tools can give structured yet creative ways to drive change from within. 

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This is a free community session:

  • Monday 10th June from 16:00 - 17:30 

Our session wil be in English. Please make sure you join from a laptop or desktop and make sure you have a stable internet connection, and a quiet place where you can join interactive break outs if needs be. 

Session Speakers

Erinch Sahan

Doughtnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL)
Business and Enterprise Lead.

Read more about Erinch here: 

Tessa Wernink

Co-founder of the Undercover 

Activist, trainer and facilitator. Read more about Tessa here. 

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