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Uncover the Undercover Activist

Is this you?

Are you struggling to find meaning in your place of work? Especially when it comes to your company's responsibility in combatting climate change and working towards the Sustainable Development Goals? Is there room in your company for your passion, idealism and drive? Or are you feeling frustration, rejection and powerlessness?

We have been there. And we want to let you in on some of the secrets. Let's beat the system together. No more off the record conversations, we're out in the open, here to tell you how we managed to work with the challenges and take your place in shaping the system. 

What is next?

With our own experience in mind we wondered how we might connect you, and other professionals, to your inner activist, embolden your ideas by giving you the tools to take action to become an embodied leader.

By putting positive workplace activism on the map, we are creating a movement to help people like you, to make their workplace a force for good. Equipped with knowledge and passion, you can embolden your ideas and actions and move toward collective action. Our aim is to be a go-to-platform that helps shape your working environment as a space where people feel free and safe to speak-up and improve a situation for the common good. 

Ultimately, the Undercover Activist coaches people to become pro-activist leaders and coaches the system to transform organizations into places that lead change.


On this platform, you can find stories for inspiration as well as practices and tools. All of these have been collected in a handbook. 

About: About

Who are we?


Veronique Swinkels

Veronique Swinkels wants to change the world through creativity and activism.

Until recently she was director of BBK / Powered By Friendship, a communications agency for a better world. She currently works as strategic advisor and SDG activist, to get sustainability and the UN goals on to the agenda of business and policy makers. She is a creative facilitator and

next-generation coach, waking up the activist in the next generation of leaders in order to change companies and systems faster. She is Founder of Sustainability Dialogue and Global Goals Accelerator. An Earth Charter friend and Board member of Worldconnectors and Lab Future Generations (io).

Veronique studied Communications policy, followed mediation training at the Center for Conflict Management. She is a Deep Democracy coach and THNK Creative Leadership and Cambridge Sustainability Management alumni. She is a mother of four.

Tessa Wernink

Tessa is a change-maker who believes we need to tap into our collective wisdom & leadership to deal with the urgent issues of our time.

She is the co-creator and host of the podcast series 🎧 What If We Get It Right, featuring purpose-driven entrepreneurs from around the world. As part of the founding team of Fairphone, a social enterprise using the production of smartphones to drive systemic change in the electronics industry, she turned a campaign into a impact-driven company with a business model. She campaigned as co-director of TADA for a responsible digital future and is strategic advisor of the grass-roots movement Creatives for Climate. She works as a business coach, podcaster and creative facilitator and is a mother of three.

Tessa studied English Literature and International Development, Journalism, Deep Democracy and Non-Violent Resistance and Communications. She is a THNK Creative Leadership School alumni.

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