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How to make YOUr job a climate Job! 

get acquainted with what it means to speak up, organise and grow positive change in your workplace.

Do you think your organisation could be doing better on reaching their climate goals their diversity targets or taking a stand on sensitive political issues? But you don't know where to start? Speaking up in organisations can be scary, even dangerous. An organisation is not a democracy. So, how do you go about raising issues you care about? Or finding people who think the same and are ready to take action? 


In this two-hour introductory session, we'll dive deeper into how to raise your employee voice and move to positive, collective action on social and environmental issues - even when sustainability is not part of your job description. 

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For activist professionals and courageous managers.  

2-Hour Introductory session 

Expect an introductory session in which we take you on a journey along three main areas. You'll leave with a better understanding of your position within your company, your ability and willingness to speak up  and listen, and know the difference between feeling safe and being brave. 

  • The Business of Business: 
    Develop your vision about what good business means and figure out where your organisation is and isn’t walking the talk.  

  • Your Key Drivers for Change:
    Greater awareness of your personal values and explore your key drivers for (in)action.

  • From Safe to Brave Spaces:
    Become aware of personal and group values and know what it takes to create spaces that are safe to be brave.

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This Community Session is free.  Join this introductory session on Wednesday from 15:30 - 17:30: 20th of March. The session will be online and in English. Please make sure you join from a laptop or desktop with a stable internet connection, and a quiet place where you can join the interactive break-out’s without being disturbed. 

Your Trainers

Véronique Swinkels

Co-founder of the Undercover Activist, trainer and facilitator. Read more about Véronique here.

Tessa Wernink

Co-founder of the Undercover Activist, trainer and facilitator. Read more about Tessa here. 

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