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____________________SELF - PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT_________________________


1. From unaware to aware (self)

Embrace your inner activist/rebel/changemaker 

You are coming from somewhere and you are going somewhere, choose your battles


2. From impulse to self-reflection (self)

Find the type of involvement that feels right to you

Connect to your purpose and values 



3. From hidden resistance to positive conflict resolution (self)

Become conflict-savvy and recognize resistance

Embrace challenges with humor and creativity


4. From talking to listening (self)

Develop the skills of deep listening

Be able to differentiate between judgment, facts, needs and energy of the crowd


---------------- ORGANISING OTHERS---------


5. From functional to vision-driven  (other)

Meet people where they are and Open your heart

First connect on values and a shared vision using storytelling


6. From loneliness to collaboration (other)

Know who is relevant and shares your goal

Make your cause worth connecting to

Co-operate and connect the dots


7. From opinion to facts to underpin your story (other)

Convince from a place of wisdom and facts

Use external authority

Get access to relevant social + scientific data 


----------- CHANGING THE BUSINESS -------



8. From ad-hoc to strategic (system)

Design a plan and use the time and structure of the system

Understand the way things are done around you


9. From stand-alone to interconnected in the industry (system)

Know your business and its place in the value chain

Validate your cause within the industry


10. From organised to formalised (system) 

You’re not the first and won’t be the last. 

Make sure achieved change becomes incorporated in the governance of the organisation. Building new foundation for next generation to maintain justice.

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Positive Workplace Strategies


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