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Disrupt Development & Undercover Activist present Troublemaking Tuesdays

Calling all professional troublemakers!

What does it take to “blow the whistle” and call out the BS in your work?
Do you get triggered by injustice, racist systems, discrimination or greenwashing? Everyone seems to be talking about “shifting power”

but how do we power this shift?

Anchor 2

5 Masterclasses on the following topics:


  • Psychological Safety - a precondition to speak up;

  • Storytelling - how stories and the people that tell them move towards change;

  • Dialogue for change - listening with attention & speaking with intention;

  • Getting comfortable with the discomfort of conflict and facing power;

  • Cultivating change together - from us vs. them to ‘we’.



  • You are a professional in (for and non-profit) organisation who wants to explore capabilities needed to face and redefine power.

  • You want want to stand for what's right and get into necessary trouble

  • You are fed up with the ways of working and leading and wants to channel that frustration constructively

  • You want to (un)learn how to navigate change processes

Campaigning and organising mindset

Campaigning and organising mindset



  • If you want to keep the status quo

  • If you are looking for a quick-fix formula for change

  • If you don’t think diverse voices are needed for decision-making

  • You want to shame and blame

  • You don’t believe change is possible and raisng your voice can make a difference

  • WEEK 1 - Kick-off
    Kick-off with the whole group. We'll get to know each other and go through the on- and offline tools and present the Action Plan Canvas you will be using in the rest of the course. We want to support you to take positive action in your workplace or professional setting and will take this session to identify an area of change.
  • WEEK 1 - Activism in a Business Context
    In the introductory week, we dive into the meaning and different perceptions of activism over the last century. We will discuss how social movements have changed our societies and how they have influenced business over the years. We discuss how businesses are not democracies, why they resist organising bodies and why activism in business requires attention for safety (in numbers), understanding your privilege and knowing your rights.
  • WEEK 2 - Personal Agency
    This week takes you on a journey of discovery. What characteristics help activists? Which ones don’t? The story of change always begins with you. Take a moment to understand what drives you and embrace your inner activist. We take first steps to identify recurring patterns in our behaviour and work with what triggers us. How does acknowledging our own resistance help us see it and work with it in others?
  • WEEK 3 - Collective Action
    Standing for a cause is one thing. Getting people to join you is another skill all together. This week, we get to know a variety of organising strategies. How to connect to others and what to think of when gathering momentum for change.
  • WEEK 4  - Systems Interventions
    Change is a process and it can be complex. This week, we take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Who else is part of our ecosystem? We learn how to map these actors and their interests and influence. And we look at existing frameworks for impact that can accelerate your cause.
  • WEEK 6 - Showing up with a Plan
    During the last week of the course it is your turn to collect all your insights and work toward your own plan of action. What are the next steps you want take in order to achieve your goal? What do you still need for this, and how will you get this? You'll get a chance to get feedback from the group before putting it into practice.

The masterclasses are independent from each other, and also build up on each other 
as a cohesive learning journey. You can choose to sign up for one, more or all of them based 
on your interest, budget and enthusiasm. In order to be as inclusive as possible, 
we are offering a discounted option.

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