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>>Great learnings for employee activists from social movements

Over the last days I have been following with great interest #TheBigOne a multi stakeholder manifestation to #stop_fossil_fuel in London. Extinction Rebellion UK was in the lead and they had promised not to be disruptive this time. The manifestation had to be welcoming for everybody and about cooperation, community and relationships. And this worked, they even helped out during the London Marathon that happened to take place the same time. During 4 days they were joined by many organization from the climate, earth and inclusion movement.

I was a fly on the wall in the Business Declares what's-app group. I was a bit undercover you might say. Ready to learn. It was a great example of organising. I loved the conversations and tips people were sharing; were they would meet, who they met, what journalist they spoke to, what to wear, yes or no bring the kids, media-successes, what social media posts to share, the new allies and friends they met along the way, celebrating the good vibe, being grateful for smiles and encouragement and most of all what they were going to put on their signs. There was an excellent coordination about the messages and signs. The Q&A was regularly shared. And most of all, the organizer Ben Tolhurst was everywhere and received his wel deserved praise. Thank you so much for this great example. I am looking forward to the follow-up.

For #employee_activist and #workplace_activists there is a lot to learn from the social movements who put external pressure on companies and governments. Important lessons on how to increase pressure from inside the companies as well. And that is exactly what the Undercover Activist is set out to do. We want to unleash the power of workplace activism and add this internal energy to what is happening outside.

Meet-ups big and small are important to keep the spirit going, build communities and learn from each other. Our own Undercover Activist May Meet-Up is on May the 4th (online at 16.00 cet). This time we will discuss how employees successfully push for change.

Join Tessa Wernink and Veronique Swinkels for an hour with Emmet McNamee, founder of We'll dive deeper into examples in which collective action from employees has lead to change in organisations, from reducing emissions to dropping problematic clients. For employees who want to take next steps in organising their collective voice. We'll hear real stories and explore the different 'employee voice' mechanisms such as staff committees, employee resource groups, works councils, unions and understand their pro's and con's.

Registration free; here

Veronique Swinkels


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