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Positive Workplace Activism for changemaking professionals

Join our 6 week online-course in which we guide   professionals to go from undercover activist to positive activator.


Follow a module per week and take the last week to complete your action plan. We will come together in four online sessions and have regular group interaction with classmates to gather everything you need to get to action. 


Weekly modules contain videos and audio fragments, useful tools, frameworks and (online) canvasses. Course readers for more in-depth information. Work in Slack and Miro and a personal canvas to (co-)create and (inter)act.

Next Course Dates:

Sept 20th - Nov 1st (6 weeks)


Personal budget: EUR. 302,50 incl. VAT 

Company budget:  EUR 605,00 incl. VAT

self-paced, Self-Study.  all content online Throughout 2022. 


Sign-up anytime and follow the course at your own pace. Navigate through course materials through self-study and turn yourself into an out-in-the open positive activator.

Content & Materials:

All materials are online till 1 December 2022. Each module is structured with content and exercises to help you create a flow of learning. Choose from video and audio fragments in which the trainers explain concepts and provide reflection exercises.


You can connect with others via online tools and use the canvas to create an action plan. 

Register anytime and take the time you need to complete the course.

Closing date for registration: 30th November 2022.


EUR. 185,00 incl. VAT 


B Corp Certification Teams who want to keep and gather momentum for re-certification. 

We offer on and offline courses and workshops specifically designed for B Corp teams. We train teams to use the BCorp assessment process and final score to take their organisations to the next level. 


With the help of an online data tool, we look at which improvement points can be accelerated and teach teams positive activist strategies that can improve performance and reach impact in the three years before the re-assessment.

Content & Materials

Content will be tailor-made to suit your needs and areas of improvement. Our toolbox contains online materials, workshops and access to an online data tool that can help you and your company  improve ownership and activate your organisations employees to improve impact before re-assessment. 


For  team players and movement builders who need help engaging teams at work.

For teams of dedicated young professionals within one company, who seek to drive positive change in sustainability, inclusion and social justice. 

For teams of professionals in their early careers who are in a company role of influence on key subjects We train you in (personal) leadership and help build skills and ability in storytelling, self-reflection, stakeholder mapping and engagement. 

Invite us to help you build teams of confident changemakers (from HR to sustainability, operations to sales) who want to connect, experiment and accelerate company projects on environmental, social and governance projects.


We offer leadership coaching, team building and movement making skills. All positive and constructive ways to step up and challenge organisation and go from talk to action.

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