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Three pathways for learning and activation

What We Do: Services

A Practical Handbook

A book about the benefits of standing up for positive change in the workplace and bridging the divide in organisations in order to address the urgent matters of our time.

For (young) professionals who want to connect to their inner activist, embolden their ideas and learn tools to take collective action and become embodied, pro-activist leaders. 

Expected publication date: Q3 - 2021


For our book, we are interviewing intrepreneurs, employee-activist and other activists from around the world. If you have a story you would like to share, please contact us.

We would love to interview you. To learn from you and share your best practices and hard learnings. Some of the interviews will become part of our book as a case study or quote. Or interviews will be part of our Undercover Activist podcast series. If you just want to share for us to learn, that is absolutely fine as well. Reach out!!

Tools for Collective Action

From embracing your purpose & inner activist to developing deep listening skills, we offer training modules and will publish tools for you to learn and use when needed. 
Our aim is to help you become conflict-savvy, to recognise resistance & embrace challenges with humor and creativity.

Watch this space or contact us to find out more about dates and downloadable content.

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