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Your Guide to Positive Workplace Activism


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We're glad, cause there is so much out there to distract you from what you find important. It's time to change the world for the better.Changing the world needs collective action. And we need the business community with all its money, efficiency and power to step up.

The question is:


How do you see your role? 

Do you believe you can make an impact from where you are in your business? 

Maybe even more than your boss can? 

This is About You and About Changing the System
This is About You and About Changing the System


It's time for business to accelerate its impact and be a force for good. But nothing of consequence gets accomplished without courage. So, what is the courage of our time?

It's time for people to stand up to a system that is destroying the earth and our societies. A system that we didn't create, but that we are a part of and is shaping our future. Exceptions prove the rule, but mostly this system sees you, our planet and communities as disposable.

The Undercover Activist is about empowerment. Our aim is to get together and share what is needed for all of us to stand up to this outdated system. It requires courage, empathy, determination and sticking together. It needs us to stop hiding part of who we are and what we believe in. When we start living up to our values at work, our companies will too.

Positive workplace activism is a bottom-up movement. It is about feeling free and safe to speak-up to improve a situation. It is about making space at the table for more voices and showing the leaders in organizations what it means to be inclusive, social and sustainable
- as well as profitable.

We want to close the generation and gender gap, bring divides into the open and coach employees who want to drive change, bottom up.



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Off The Record

We have set out to understand how we might connect you and other (young) professionals to their inner activist, embolden passionate ideas, share tools for action and become embodied leaders. We are following three pathways: a practical guide reframing activism for good; storytelling, and workshops for networking and collective wisdom.

This is a co-creative and open sourced project so please reach out.

A Handbook for Positive Workplace Activism



You do not have to do this alone.

Together we are stronger and can have greater impact. But how?
We are writing a pragmatic guide, a handbook that helps you understand your role within a bigger system and provides tools and methods on how to move to collective action. With this book and your passion, you can confidently stand up for positive change and start bridging the divide in organisations in order to address the urgent matters of our time.


The Importance of Stories

There are few things that bind us more than stories. They inspire, teach and connect us. It is the collection of stories that make up a culture. To become your guide to positive workplace activism, we are interviewing people from around the world and sharing their successes and failures. 

Do you have a story to tell? Please fill our the contact sheet below and we will connect with you.

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Meet-up for Collective learning

From embracing your purpose & inner activist to developing deep listening skills, we offer training and share tools in meet-ups and workshops. For most events we use a pay-as-you-like system. 

Our aim is to help you become conflict-savvy, to recog-
nise resistance & embrace challenges with humor and

Watch this space or contact us to find out more about dates and        downloadable content.

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Now that you've found us, let's stick together. If you are interested in learning more or contributing to our project? Please leave your contact details below, and we will get in touch.




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